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For once I will stick with the opening post title of a fresh WordPress install as it really hits the spot. With Methanopolis I launch a new service that is destined to become the rallying point for all those interested in the new world of methane.

The world is in a horrible bind. Environmental disaster hits us from all sides, molecular sciences makes us aware of what monumental damage we have not only done to our ecosystems but also to our own bodies and those of our unborn children. We carry countless mutations in us as a consequence to permanent immersion in Fine Particle Matter, industrial air emissions and human induced radiation. The consquences can be felt at any point on the globe and they are very far reaching.

At the same time our whole civilisation depends on cheap and plentiful energy that is easy to use and consume.

Todays eergy is expensive and dirty. Consuming it leaves us broke and ultimately kills us. Resignation rules supreme as most believe that nothing can be done about it with todays technological means and that if we dont want to make energy even more expensive than it is right now, we must accept the damage.

This is wrong as Methane has the potential to end this planetary disaster while at the same time making energy much cheaper than ever before.

Methanopolis is my contribution to the coming world of methane.

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